Polypropylene Bokken/Katana Sword: Lightweight and Durable Training Weapon

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  • High-Quality Material: Our polypropylene bokken/katana sword is made from durable and lightweight polypropylene material. It provides excellent balance and durability, making it suitable for training and practice sessions.
  • Safe and Versatile: The polypropylene construction ensures that our bokken/katana sword is safe for training purposes, as it minimizes the risk of injury during sparring or practice. It is also suitable for various martial arts disciplines, such as kendo, aikido, or kenjutsu.
  • Realistic Design: Our polypropylene bokken/katana sword is designed to closely resemble a traditional wooden bokken or katana, providing a realistic experience for practitioners. The shape and weight distribution are carefully crafted to mimic the feel of a real sword, enhancing your training sessions. Experience safe and realistic martial arts training with our high-quality Polypropylene Bokken/Katana Sword. Crafted from durable and lightweight polypropylene, it provides excellent balance and durability for sparring and practice. With its realistic design resembling traditional wooden bokkens and katanas, this versatile training weapon ensures a safe and immersive training experience. Perfect for practitioners of various martial arts disciplines, it offers the ideal combination of safety, durability, and a realistic feel.
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Introducing our high-quality Polypropylene Bokken/Katana Sword! Crafted with precision, this versatile training weapon offers durability and performance. Made from premium polypropylene, it replicates the look and feel of a real katana sword while being safer for practice. The lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability, allowing you to hone your skills effectively. Perfect for martial arts enthusiasts, beginners, or professionals, our Polypropylene Bokken/Katana Sword is an essential tool for training and sparring. Enhance your technique and master the art of swordsmanship with this exceptional training weapon. Order yours today and elevate your training experience!

5 reviews for Polypropylene Bokken/Katana Sword: Lightweight and Durable Training Weapon

  1. apria1989

    This plastic practice sword is no joke. It is very durable and strong and take a lot of hits. The weight and size and length resembles a life-size katana. The hand guard is also provided. It is as good as holding a real katana. The build quality of the product is top notch as the part where the blade is sharp is also marked and designed.
    Customer service was top notch. Gautam ji, made sure that I was educated and updated about the product and the delivery and packaging. Free home delivery too.
    Best purchase.

  2. Chirayu

    Awesome product good quality

  3. Giriop (verified owner)

    I would this product a 9.5/10! Like bro seriously, this thing is fuckin* worth for 500 rs you know! The quality of the polypropylene is awesome! The handling detail is top notch! It really gives a feel of holding a real katana. I wish that they should sell the sheath/saya for this bokken, Iā€™m feeling like an anime mc right now šŸ˜‚ Literally I wanna join the demon slayer corps now!šŸ’€

  4. Ashu

    The best bokken ever šŸ˜˜. Sturdy and design is superb. Love it man.

  5. Sidarth Chettri (verified owner)

    Very useful for Learning katana and is very sturdy and is well made with good quality. 5/5 . Very well packed. Thanksss funmart

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