11 IN 1 Multifunctional Axe Hammer tool set for keeping in your Car or Camping

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• Tools Included: 1 hammer, 1 axe, 1 pair of pliers, 1 saw, 1 wire cutter, needle nose pliers, 1 Philips head
screwdriver, 1 hexagonal screwdriver, 1 can opener
• Best for Camping and hiking

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Made of stainless steel and is therefore strong and durable. The multifunction hammer acts as a Swiss knife and has a variety of uses. Best for keeping in your car or Bike
Features: The tool has a compact size when folded. It can be carried in a small pocket in the backpack. As it is made of stainless steel, it will not rust. The tool can be transformed into a variety of tools and used as per requirement. It can take the shape of a hammer, an axe, knives and more. The multifunction utility hammer is an ideal choice for people in the army, mountaineers and people who have to go camping for work. The multipurpose tool can be transformed into pliers, wire cutters, screw clamp, hammers, axes, knives, Phillips screwdriver, saw, hex positioning wrench, blade, file, bottle opener and more…


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